Our Infrastructure

Computer Lab

We have designed our computer lab for advanced and it is fully equipped with 100 latest LED monitors, printers, scanners and multimedia devices while high-speed devices are providing gainful Networking. turbo C/C++, both Windows and DOS versions, Visual studio 6.0 for C Programming and Visual basic while Auto cad R-2000 for Engineering Drawing are installed MS Office 2007 set up is installed for computer fundamental. New additions are expected as the new courses are being taken up. On the other hand web designing software like dreamweaver, notepad++, etc. are also there for the facility of students. Students are getting all facilities in the field of computer techlonogy. Students are getting opportunities to enhance their skills. We are continously preparing students for their course exams and practicals are being held on time in the computer labs.


Beyond the huge collection of books and journals, the RGIITE library today has repository of voluminous information with special digital feature of speedy & easy access. Over 3,000 text books, large number of international & nationa journals , both print and electronic, an array of multimedia tools, CD’s, reprographic audio visuals and searchable data base these make learning not only satisfying but joyful also. References are available to the students and faculty with the latest information in all forms: text and reference books, encyclopedias, periodicals, magazines, journals, CDs and video facility, for their intellectual nourishment. The Library also has an audio-video section, which contains educational software on CDs and lectures of eminent educationists on video cassettes. An ambitious plan to make the library fully computerized is under process.

Electronics Lab

Electronic lab is well equipped with latest models of CROs, Function Genrators Dual power supply Units. Digital trainer kits, measuring Instruments, Digital multimeters, Voltmeters and ammeters at a time a branch of 20 students can perform the laboratory practical. To create something with one’s own hands and to understand exactly what it takes to make it work, is an important and integral part of modern education. The workshops at RGIITE provide, for this purpose, an excellent collection of tools and implement them to facilitate even intensive project work. In addition, RGIITE continuously procures new tools, implements and other equipment as and when necessary. Computer Laboratories are equipped with more than 600 Intel Pentium - 4, HCL branded computers. The labs are spacious and well maintained to give students a valuable learning experience.